Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Water damaged dining room in Sparrows Point, MD

This water damaged dining room in Sparrows Point, MD was the result of a broken pipe. From first glance, the floor seems quite dry... however there was water tr... READ MORE

Wet Hardwood Floor from Ceiling Leak is Dried to Prevent Warping in Glen Arm, MD

This flooded living room is the result of an improperly installed Air conditioning system. Water leaked through 1 layer of plaster cieling and 2 layers of drop ... READ MORE

Water damaged cieling from Air conditioning installation mishap in Glen Arm, Maryland

This home in glen arm experienced a flood in its living room and dining room from an inproperly installed Air conditioning unit. Over the course of 3 days, the ... READ MORE

Ice Maker Leak Clean-up in Dundalk, MD by SERVPRO of Sparrows Point / Essex / Chase

Ice maker leaks cause tons of damage, because they go so long without being noticed! Notice how the after picture has all the appliances moved? This is because ... READ MORE

Water Damaged Hallway in Essex Maryland

This flooded hallway is the result of a toilet tank overflow in Essex Maryland. Notice how wet the carpet is? Each room along this hallway was effected by the t... READ MORE

Hot water heater flood in Sparrows Point, MD in Baltimore County.

The flooded utility room in Sparrows Point in this photo was the result of a hot water heater flood, that went unnoticed for several days during the winter. The... READ MORE