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Water Damage Testimonials

I appreciate all the time and energy SERVPRO of Dundalk/Essex/Chase put into creating a welcoming atmosphere and ensuring I get back into my home as quickly as possible. I was impressed by their professionalism.

SERVPRO of Dundalk/Essex/Chase went out of their way to assist me in their time of need. They were swift, competent, and completely finished in five days! I would definitely recommend them to anyone who asks.

SERVPRO of Dundalk/Essex/Chase is the best restoration company in the state - they were wonderful from start to finish!

I could not have asked for better service from SERVPRO of Dundalk/Essex/Chase.

SERVPRO of Dundalk/Essex/Chase came to me in my time of need and were supportive and enthusiastic about getting my situation handled and getting me back in my home after my water damage. Everything was resolved in 4 days - amazing!

I highly recommend SERVPRO of Dundalk to anyone who needs emergency work done on their home. They were prompt, efficient, and attentive. The staff is incredibly trustworthy and I hope they stay around for a while to come.

SERVPRO of Dundalk/Essex/Chase left nothing to be desired on the water restoration they did on my home this past month. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs work done, especially in the middle of the night.

SERVPRO cleared out the water damage in my house and packed out my belongings. They were great at explaining the process to alleviate my concerns and my belongings were returned in a timely manner.

This SERVPRO was prompt and on site immediately in our time of need. I would recommend their service to my friends, family, and colleagues.

I give SERVPRO of Dundalk/Essex/Chase 10 out of 10 stars for the work they performed on the water damage in my home! I could not have asked for better service.